Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"We know what she did on her prom night."

Prom is on Thursday.

I have a couple of comments/issues.

1) THURSDAY?! Since when is a SCHOOL NIGHT appropriate for a dance that runs until 1 am?!!!

2) Now, I can understand wanting to spend the day primping and getting ready for prom. But the day before? No. Especially since prom is on a SCHOOL NIGHT and you already know that you won't be coming to school the next day. So, already you've missed TWO days of school. And now you want to take the day before prom off to primp?! And you think that I'm going to be ok with this and give you an excused absence. No. NO.

My girls, one in particular, gave me a hard time about this today when I handed them the work packet for the rest of the school year (which, by the way, is surprisingly skinny to any normal person). "I'm not going to be here on Thursday. Or Friday. Or Wednesday." I asked why. Her response: "PROM!!! UH!" I said that Wednesday is the day before prom. Not the day of. "But you need to do your nails and get your hair done!"

No. This. Is. Where. I. Am. Drawing. The. Line. (this and many other places, but whatever).

The day before prom is not an excused absence. I don't care if your mother writes a note. It will STILL be an unexcused absence. Primping the day before prom is a BULLSHIT excuse for missing yet ANOTHER day of class. BULLSHIT.

Oh, and administrators!? Prom on a THURSDAY night is a horrible, shitty, terrible, no-good, very bad idea. Let's not give our seniors any more reasons to indulge in the already rampant (and totally bullshit, given that most don't do jack anyways) senioritis. Prom belongs on a Saturday. Period. The. END.


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