Monday, June 19, 2006

Last Post from Europe!

Wow. In about 24 hours, I'll be home. Basically since Saturday, I've been wanting to go to the airport and just wait for my flight. I'm SO excited! I loved Paris. London has been fabulous (though expensive) and Germany was wonderful. But, there is no place like home. I've really missed (in case y'all couldn't tell) my family. I'm not a very good 'alone' person, though I'm getting better. Also, I like being in one place. Having a home is a good thing. And roots. Those are nice too.

Yesterday, following the advice of Gerry and Mom, I went to Bath. £45 for a round trip train ticket. The train left from Paddington at 10.07 (sorry, not 4.50). At Swindon we had to get out because the track was closed from there to Bath and the train company was supposed to have buses to take us the last hour of the way. But the bus company refused to go to Bath, so instead taxis were hired to take us the last leg of the journey. So instead of getting to Bath at noon, I got there at 1.30. Oh well. So I walked the short way from the station to the Roman Baths and went to the outrageously expensive museum there, which despite the cheesy audio guide that they had, was pretty good. Wish that they had had a section on the development and use of the baths in the 18th century, but you can't have everything. Then I had tea in the Pump Room, while a violin, cello and piano trio played Mozart. And Happy Birthday. I hope the Hills sisters were paid their cut. :) I read for a long time in the Pump Room, with my pot of Earl Grey and pastries, before I realized that I should go to the Assembly Rooms before they close. So, I walked up into the city a bit and found the Assembly Rooms and the Museum of Costume. The building was practically empty and very very lovely. After the Assembly Rooms, I walked over to the Circus and the Royal Cresent. And then across Pulteney Bridge and for a stroll down the River Avon. I wanted to find Widcome Manor, but got a bit turned around. Some locals asked if I was lost and I told them where I wanted to get to and they didn't know where the Manor was either. So I generally followed them to a street festival that was going on. And then I walked back to the train station (the city center is very small actually) and took the train back to London (no switches this time).

So, for all you excited people, that is my last update from Europe. Hope you enjoyed it! I'll probably be doing updates of the last year at Chicago, so if you want to stick around for that, do so. If not, no worries. :) Cheers!

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