Sunday, March 05, 2006

Tonight was Esther's Oscar's Gala. I love that she takes the Oscars so seriously and makes them so much fun. Go Esther. There is so much about her which is chipper and unique and not annoying and wonderful. Much of it involves curly hair and shoes and energy and Esther-ness. <3

There should be pictures shortly up in Facebook of the evening. Some lovely ones of JC and Charl and Kabs. I wish that I had taken some time to get some more glamour-y shots of people. And there was a very nice looking boy there, although I did not take a picture of him.

I had a long talk with Jc and Charl and have decided that, by hook or by crook, I will move in with them next year. I need my own space for my own sanity. Having an apartment would definitely ease tensions (real or imagined), I would save money on food, I would be able to work without distraction and more efficiently...Alll in all, it would be a very very good thing for me. I left Esther's tonight with a guarantee to move in with JC and Charl...I just hope that I can convince Mom. :) That apartment will be very chill and drama-free. We have similar eating, spending, cleaning habits. We are not best friends, but know each other well enough to know that we can say whatever we need to the other...Just all 'round would be a good place. We talked about colors--blue for the living room and at least one yellow wall in the kitchen. We are excited for painting.

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