Saturday, February 25, 2006

Much anger at Campus Dining Services right now. How is this any different than normal, you ask. Well, to be frank, it isn't. But at the reason for this particular bout of anger is special. Here's the scoop: I ran out of FLEX dollars pretty quickly this quarter. So my dad kindly offered to buy me more in order that I could continue to feed my desire for milk, orange juice, and Oreos. (A Detour if you will: the prairie Home Companion just came on the radio and that makes me happy!!) He bought the FLEX on Tuesday this (almost) past week. On Wednesday, I tried to buy something at Bart Mart and failed. So I went to the Campus Dining Services office and asked why the computer said that I had no FLEX. I was told that it takes up to 48 hours for the Flex to be added to your account (why this isn't automatic, I don't know). So, I was told, I would have my $60 by tomorrow, Thursday. So I go back to Bart Mart and buy my desperately needed milk and orange juice (paying by credit card...$5.20...the outrageous prices are another part of my anger). Friday comes and I meet Vanitha at the C-Shop for breakfast and a long-time coming reunion. We got to buy our Naked juices and I confidently hand my Chicago Card to the cashier. She swaps it and I think "Ah-ha! The FLEX has been added! Joy!" and we go back to sit down. A few minutes pass and the cashier comes over to our table and says "Your card was not accepted." Grrrr. I pay in cash, thinking, "Ok. Well, yesterday was 48 hours, but perhaps they were very busy yesterday and didn't get around to adding my money. Today will be the day." I blithely spend the rest of the day in class, with friends, etc. This afternoon on my way home from the gym, I was struck with the desire for salsa (which I already had in my fridge) and chips. So, I make my way over to Bart Mart. Grab my chips, see Oreos, grab them, head to check out. No FLEX. Paid in cash...$8.16. Yes. 8 dollars and 16 cents for a medium sized bag of Tostitos and a bag of ore's. That is ridiculous. To add insult to injury, I had to pay with real money, not fake money and I did not get the discount that comes with using the fake money. How hard is it to push a few buttons and give me the money that is rightfully mine (or my father's, whichever way you look at it)?!!?! Also, we are poor college students. Do you really have to price gauge us into extreme poverty? Don't we already pay enough to go to this school? A bag of chips and a bag of cookies should not (and do not in the real world) cost 8 freakin' dollars!!!

In conclusion,

Dear Campus Dining Services,
Please give me my fake money. And freakin' lower your freakin' prices!!!!
Not Thank You,

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