Thursday, February 23, 2006

Today is a very sunny day. The sun is making Harper look almost white and the newish red roofs are extra red. The Midway still looks barren, but it is February, so that is no surprise.

You could tell from the silence in 18th Century Britain today that very few people had done the reading. Professor Cook would ask a question, wait a few (or many) seconds, then rephrase the question. I got shot down at one point because I gave an answer (in desperation for the silence to be broken) that was just silly. Of course George I would not have sided with the Tories--they were against his succession. The Whigs were his obvious allies. But I said Tories, for whatever reason (Oo! I know! The Desperate Monster took over my body and gave the wrong answer!), and Prof. replied "He would have sided with the Tories? Are you sure? What were the Tories doing at that time?" After sheepishly replying (The Desperate Monster had been evicted for lack of sense) that "They were in the process of being kicked out" Prof. moved on. And I did not open my mouth again for the rest of the period.

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