Tuesday, February 21, 2006

In the course of my early morning and afternoon and late night and early morning and afternoon, I have discovered a few things:

Do not trust the oven in your RHs apartment. Your brownies will burn.
Many hours of typing will likely dry out your hands. Apply lotion liberally.
Two five minute naps in a row is amazing.
Freemasonry is probably not the best subject to do a paper on. Give the area 10-15 years to grow. Come back and revisit then.
Try not to forget that you are mildly allergic to cats. Rubbing your eyes after spending an afternoon with them is not the route to blue skies and lemon drops.
If you don't freak out over the paper, you are more likely to not freak out.


simply-deep said...

FIVE MINUTE naps ARE amazing !!! but i find im actually more tired than before.:S

Eliz. said...

Yeah, they rock. Esp. after not sleeping for a long time.