Friday, March 10, 2006

My goodness. Lots has been going on without anything actually happening. And I am beginning to think that I am over-booking myself for the next week and few days.

So, over-booking. Yes. Definitely doing that. But I am going to cancel a few things and rearrange some others so that I can "make it work."

I had my Metcalf second round interview today and it went very well. The director told me on the way out the timetable for the decision process: "You are the last interviewee. I am going out of town on Monday and won't be back until March 27, so I will either make the decision this weekend or after I return. So don't worry if you don't hear from me until later in the month." I thought: "Yeah, no worries. The earliest that I wll hear from her is tomorrow, but she probably won't make the decision until after she gets back in town." So I went home, feelin' good about life. 30 minutes after the interview ended, I got an email from the director. "I would like to offer you the position." WHOOOOO!

I have to finish up a bunch of stuff before I go to London. Taxes, financial aid, make a hostel reservation, buy a few things, apartment hunt for this summer and next school year. Not to mention writing my final paper for the Britain class before tomorrow at 9.20 am and revising my bio papers. Plus all the packing that I have to do. And anything else I've forgotten. For all this, I am in good spirits and not freaking out. I like this new less intense me.

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