Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I saw two weird things today:

1) A very very tiny dog at the Saint-Paul metro station that did not seem to belong to anyone. It is not unusual to see dogs and cats on the metro, but they are always on a leash or in a carrier bag. This dog was just waiting patiently for the train to come, not standing by anyone in particular, was very well behaved. And was very tiny. Maybe as long as from by wrist to my elbow. S/he was a brown terrier, cute pointy ears.
2) Getting off the metro at Port des Lilas, a man balancing a glass ball on top of his head. He walked down the quai and up the stairs, up the escalator, and out the exit.

After class today, I went to Nadia's to Rousseau and eat. We Rousseau-ed for about an hour. We ate a salad with apple, goat cheese, garlic vinaigrette, honey, corn, and red pepper (don't knock it till you try it). Also on the menu was spinach tortellini with pesto. Delicious.

I read something just now that made me cry. In response, I wrote an apology (perhaps unnecessary? I don't know, but I felt an apology was in order) to a friend. I wish that I could make Chicago a better place. I am unsettled by the changes that are taking place.

Faith here is becoming important. There is a latent feeling of...Well, not faith, but tradition would perhaps be a better word. There are so many churches, so much catholic history everywhere. And it is funny, France is a secular country, but the only holidays are church holidays. This isn't making much sense. Whatever, I am not even sure what my point is. I am still trying to explore my faith (or lack thereof) and the upcoming holy days and being by myself is working out for this. Lots of time to think. Friday and Saturday I am going to fast.

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