Monday, April 10, 2006

Jus de Pamplemousse

n. m. juice of grapefruit, or if you prefer, grapefruit juice

I am sick today. There is a bug going around the program...don't know if it is going around the Center as well. It seems to start with a cough and a sore throat and go from there. I am considering not going to classes today, resting, working on my paper and trying to gain some strength for the rest of week (which I cannot miss because of a quiz on Wednesday, a paper to hand in on Thursday/Friday and a program field trip to Chartres on Friday). The problem is that I kinda like the idea of having perfect attendance and other than the sore throat, I really feel energetic. So, I am drinking jus de pamplemousse and jus d'orange sanguine (which, for those who have not tasted this wonderful treat, is far better than regular old orange juice. Go blood oranges!) by the quart.

And now for the update of the the intervening time between now and my previous post:

Sunday's highlights included a nap and going to the anglophone church, Saint Joseph's, for mass. This church is about a block and a half away from the Arc de Triomphe (ah Paris, where ordinary life takes place among huge blocks of stone that Louis XIV and Napoleon erected, ridiculously famous churches, and haut fashion) and is...interesting. I don't think the church was pretty because I like Gothic structures and the like for churches and modern styled church just don't sit right with me. But it was interesting. You walk down a number of steps into the church and it rises above you about 2-3 stories. The congregation sits on the lowest level (as one might expect), but there is a winding ramp around the perimeter of the (circular...did I mention the church is circular?) church that will take you up to a second level. The (Irish) priest was sincere and sufficiently moved by Passion. Oh! And the palms! Yeah, I thought that all palms were the same, everywhere, you know...from palm trees? I have no idea where these palms came from! A little help here, Mom?

Monday, classes and meeting with Prof DB about the paper due on Thursday/Friday. Nadia hosted another crepe soiree at her place in the evening and a screening of Casablanca (most of her friends haven't seen it!!!! What the heck?!), so I went to that. On the way home, I was followed for a short way (a very short cause for alarm) by someone, but there was another girl (who did not look sketchy) heading in my direction, so I thought "Hey, I'll keep pace with her and maybe that dude will think that we are together!" Well, turns out that, indeed, we were both headed back to Residence Lila and that she lives three floors beneath me. Convenient, no?

Now back to being sick.

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