Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Up fairly early (9ish) to eat breakfast and lie around. A three hour nap was a must. The rain keeps me inside today, but I don't mind. Plenty of homework to do and the radio to listen to.

On another note, I killed my morning glory plant. As predicted.

I hope that this coming week will be a spectacular week: I will work productively, read the last book that I have, go sketch something cool, go to the Louvre again, and go to Le Havre on Saturday with Milena.

I have a 'too much sleep' headache.


g said...

You get headaches from getting too much sleep?

Eliz. said...

Sometimes. They always come after naps, so maybe they are 'too little sleep...that nap was insufficient' headaches.

Anonymous said...

E: I'm sure that this summer J and I will have plenty of morning glory to replentish your lost supply of weedy goodness. Let us know how much you wish to extracate from our burgeoning garden.


Eliz. said...

I might take you up on that FRTRC. Moring glories are pretty. But annoying.