Thursday, July 20, 2006

Long Silence

Starting work again, trying to settle into a new apartment, trying to make the best of what little free time I have: all these make updating difficult. Not to mention all the upcoming (newly burgeoning) stress brought on by worry about the BA thesis, finding a job for next year, trying to make the most of my last year while still maintaining my GPA. And hence, no updates.

I'm now in my fourth week at the Robie House. I started giving tours on Monday and will continue giving them three times a week (Monday, Thursday, Friday) until my ten weeks are up. I've been given some research projects to work on (lighting, divorce, landscape) and been taught how to assess the condition of art glass. Christine and Britta are fantastic to work with--they seem to manage to balance down-time and work-time, plus they are very open and welcoming. Most of the time, I really like the job, but sometimes I wish that I could take a day off.

UCSMP is moving very slowly. I need to get a connector so that I can actually use the DV reader and I keep forgetting to pick one up. So I've been making a database and consolidating our records instead. Today I hope that I'll be able to finish that up and start working on finding clips of students thinking about math.

Today is going to be a perfect day, except for the tour. The rain is supposed to continue all day and into the evening and that will be fantastic. I love rain.

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