Monday, April 03, 2006

I should be out enjoying Paris, shouldn't I?

Yes, yes, I should be out exploring Paris. But this past weekend was spent(with the notable exceptions of Versailles and the Claudia Solal concert (which was, by the way, an excellent concert even though I wasn't expecting electronica-jazz...Her rendition of Dancing Cheek to Cheek was the best that she performed, I think) on Thursday) in my lovely green and white studio. I like this space so much that it could be a problem...I never want to leave! I love cooking in my studio, watching Stargate in my studio, reading in my studio, studying French in my studio. You get the idea. I need to get out of this place and into the city, but it is so hard to leave when I am safe and warm and don't have to lug around a bookbag here.

So, plans for today to get me out of the studio: go to the store to pick up a notebook that I can hand into my French teacher, hit up the bank since I am completely out of cash (side note: the bank is very very very far away. I am tempted to give in and find an ATM instead). If there is still time before class, then I will find a cafe and sit and read Rousseau. After classes I will go out for a drink with Chelsey...I will not cancel. Then I will come home, read and go to sleep.

Today is my mourning day. I wear black in remembrance.


Anonymous said...

not only out enjoying paris, but out enjoying parisian men!!!!
with love, you know who

Emily said...

A green and white studio in Paris does seem like a perfectly Lizzie place to be. Nothing wrong with enjoying that! :)

Eliz. said...

1) Parisian mean are scary. :P
2) and white studio.

Come visit, gosh darnit!