Wednesday, April 05, 2006

French Journal

For my French class, we are supposed to be keeping a journal (in French, of course). Each entry is to be 5-6 sentences long and don't worry if the sentences are simple, you are just beginning and this will be a nice way to catelog your stay and improve your French. So I give you a sample of my writing in French (and a translation of what I want to be saying) for your delight and edification.

Jeudi, je vais aller au qartier latin. Je vais ballander √† la Sorbonne. Je vais manger une crepe avec jambon, champignons et fromage du une crepe-kiosque. Je vais prendre photos des gens et des b√Ętiments. J'aime explorer Paris!

Thursday, I will go to the Latin Quarter. I will walk to the Sorbonne. I will eat a crepe with ham, mushrooms and cheese from a crepe-stand. I will take photos of the people and the buildings. I love to explore Paris!

May I say that I feel 6 years old?

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DW said...

When I was in Pakistan learning Urdu I got to be friends with a young lad, about 13. I remember the day he decided to pay me a compliment on my Urdu speaking: "David, you're sounding like a nine-year-old!"