Friday, March 31, 2006

Invasion of the Pink Scarves

In London, one of the first things that I noticed was all the pink scarves. They were everywhere, around every woman's neck. My original thoughts were along the lines of "Huh. That's fashion for ya. The women in London are really liking their pink scarves." I thought that it was an isolated incident.

Now I know better.

Upon landing in Paris, I was again struck by the ubiquity of the pink scarves. They are still everywhere! In the course of a day, I see, oh about...let's say 2000 people (remember, I am riding the Metro an awful lot). About 1,200 are female and I would say about 800 of that 1,200 are wearing pink scarves. Obviously, something is up and I think that I have figured out what.

Obviously, some aliens landed and told all the fashionable women in London and Paris to wear pink scarves. There is no other explanation that I can think of. If this didn't happen, then, why would so many women decide to wear pink scarves? Don't people want to be individuals? Why would you buy a pink scarf knowing that 800 out of every 1,200 women are also going to be wearing that same pink scarf (or a close approximation thereof), unless you had been possessed by an alien? Not that I dislike the pink scarves, but...why did y'all have to buy the same one? Why didn't some of you buy red or blue or green or yellow scarves? How about a little variety, people?

Ok, I'll keep you guys posted on this one. I'll yell if I run across an alien with a pink scarf. Got it?

Tomorrow, Versailles.

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